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Quintana of Charyn - Melina Marchetta



   This was a fitting ending to the Lumatere series. I really enjoyed this series as a whole, the writing is incredible, the characters are rich and layered, and the world is both tragic and beautiful.


   Quintana of Charyn was a little bit different from the other books, it was most noticeably the end of things, there were no new characters to meet, and you could see everything and everyone's stories finally tying together and coming to a comfortable ending point. I think I had expected to see a little more inside of Quintana's head (especially considering the title) but we honestly got too see most of the things regarding her more through other beloved characters eyes. It was fine though, I really enjoyed it, but after meeting her in Froi of the Exiles, I was dying to get more from her, and I was a smidge let down not to see some more of her growth on an internal level.


   I really quite liked how everything turned out. It was a little more lovey dovey than the previous books as well, but I think it fit after all that these people had been through. Each one earned their happiness. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though, I mean it's still a Lumatere book after all, there was plenty of heartache, struggles and loss to tear your heart to shreds. Marchetta just does a more thurough job of patching your wounded heart up in this one.  


   Is it just me or does it still feel as if Lumatere has some more stories to tell?! Maybe that's just me and not wanting to let go of such an incredible story. I'm just saying if Marchetta decides to add more on down the line....I'll immediately be picking that up! I think a book some years in the future, maybe with the little king and queen to be grown up would be amazing. For now I suppose I will just move on and look on the side of wonder :)