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Forbidden Surrender - Priscilla West



   I'm not sure where I stand after reading this book. I wasn't in love with it, nor did I hate it. I was somewhere sitting comfortably in the middle I suppose. Honestly, this is a story line that I feel like I have read a bunch of times now....billionaire bad boy who is the epitome of hotness falls nearly instantly for the straight-laced, pretty average girl with the heart of gold, and lest us not forget the kind of slutty best friend of hers and the stalker/ex that is out to get her, which the billionaire ends up coming to the rescue. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad story line, but please give me a little something new. Just a little something different to the table. The only thing I can say that was different is that the leading lady, Kristen, wasn't as whiney as the typical girl in the story. Although, even with those brownie points, she still feel short for me. The whole should I or shouldn't I struggle gets tired after awhile.



   I probably would have given this book a 3 star rating if not for the awkward placing of the ending. What happened?! Just as soon as I finally felt like the story was coming to life, BAM it's over. It didn't even make sense. Was this supposed to be a novella? It didn't feel right at all. I wasn't expecting it to end there at all. I think it's cheap to cut a story off just when it's finally going somewhere just to get the reader to buy the second book to have a full story.



   I suppose I would give the second book a try, just to see how the story progresses from here, if only because I have read some of Priscilla West's other work and enjoyed it, but I won't be running out the door to get it at this point.


       I received a copy of this book from Priscilla West via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review