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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel  - Stephen King,  Will Patton



    I loved this book! Seriously Stephen King could just about anything, and I'm about 98% sure I would love it.



Mr. Mercedes was a little different from King's usual horror novels, as this one was a mystery/suspense/crime thriller. Honestly thought besides being the King of horror, Stephen King's writing style, the way he's able to pull you in from the very beginning and have you invested in the outcome, and most importantly the characters! He writes some of the best characters. I love the unsung heroes he's always giving us. The quiet, almost ordinary, everyday Joe that steps up and fights for what is right. Also, whether it's a killer clown or just a regular ole' psychopath, his villains are always equally as chilling. Mr. Mercedes might have even been more so, in the sense that he could have been someone YOU know. He blended into society and appeared normal, when in truth he was a true monster, and you wouldn't know you were in his crosshairs until it was much too late. 


    I loved the blend of modern and old school. I thought this book brought the feel from those classic private detective type movies,


 and mingled that with modern world in all it's glory. I really enjoyed that!  I felt like Mr. Mercedes really had some advantages with his vast knowledge of all things techie, and it was really cool to see the advantages Hodges had just from his experience dealing with crazy criminals throughout his life, and just how much a simple, natural intuition can come to aid you in these things as well! I really enjoyed this novel, and I actually just realized that it's supposed to be a trilogy about Bill Hodges!!!! Can't wait to see what happens next!